A riders review

Never To Old I was given my first bike as a reward for passing the dreaded “eleven plus” some 65 years ago.  Cycling during the remainder of my education and throughout my career continued, but very much secondary to family and work.  When my wife passed away after retirement some years ago, interests old and […]

Marina Alta cycling climbs

Ever wondered why we chose the Marina Alta region to be our flagship location, then it’s time to understand a little bit more about some of our favorite climbs we have on our doorstep. With over at least 60 top climbs in the region, there really are too many to mention here, but here are […]

April in Jalon

Spring cycling – April focus Spain isn’t just about golden beaches and warm weather! In fact, it’s a fantastic spot for your winter cycling ventures! The southeastern coast boasts an average temperature of 15-20 degrees in April – perfect for a spring cycling escape. Smooth tarmac, little rainfall, and professional teams practicing for the season […]

Cycle Retreats and 2025

In preparation for 2025 we thought it would be a good idea to give you some insight into what some of the new tours and Retreats are about and start to get a feel for how the Cycle Retreats years will roll moving forward. Now it doesn’t seem that long ago when we only thought […]

Best European Getaway!

We have been awarded the winners of Best of European Getaway! Wow here it is the write up on Cycle Retreats for winning SME Business Award for Best of European Getaway, to say we are super pleased is an understatement and our website will be wearing this award with a lot of pride! Read below […]

Weight vs Speed

Is that 1kg lighter bike worth it? If you have been cycling for a while, you likely know that there is an inherent pressure on cyclists is to be as light and strong as possible. This not only includes the strength and weight of your body, but it also includes the strength and weight of […]

Take our new hotel for a spin!

The Syncrosfera all purpose built cycling hotel We are delighted that the founder of this hotel, designed specifically for cyclists, has chosen this area, our flagship location, to build this amazing hotel. Syncrosfera is a 4-star hotel in Pedreguer, in the heart of the Marina Alta and central to Cycle Retreats’ most popular routes. The […]

Make the most of your winter training

Winter Training – How to make the most of it. Well, it’s that time of year where your training can take at hit as you are at the mercy of the wintery conditions. It can be super hard to stay focused and motivated and quite often without a plan or goal it can derail your […]

Behind the scenes

From the blank canvas to the finished article! Want to know what goes on behind the scenes to make your tour or holiday just perfect well here it is, and we start with a blank canvas! Before we even decide on a new area a few things must happen. All ideas from the team and […]

Social riding and training

How can you get training benefit from your social rides? You have set yourself a goal or an A race this year and you’re beginning to look at a training plan, Does this mean you need to kiss goodbye to the social rides that you love so much to ensure your training doesn’t suffer? Immediately […]