Marina Alta cycling climbs

Marina Alta cycling climbs

Ever wondered why we chose the Marina Alta region to be our flagship location, then it’s time to understand a little bit more about some of our favorite climbs we have on our doorstep. With over at least 60 top climbs in the region, there really are too many to mention here, but here are a few of our favorites.

Puerto de Tudons – 8km climb with an average 5.1% gradient.

This is a beautiful climb and the only Cat 1 climb in the costa Blanca area, a must do to tick off. There are a number of ways to summit the climb but for us, it has to be from the south starting the climb at Sella, a perfect spot to have a quick café stop and refuel before taking on the climb. Quiet winding roads which run up through a beautiful, forested area up to the summit.

Val de Ebo – 8km climb with an average 5.8% gradient.

An 8km climb from the Pego side and quite frankly is our favourite climb of the area, it is simply a beautiful climb with some stunning views to take in along the way all the way down to the coast of Oliva, Gandia and Denia. A must do climb of the region, also its great fun to descend 😊

Coll De Rates 6.5km climb with an average 4.9% gradient.

This is possible the most famous and popular climb in the area for Pro riders to the novice cyclist. It is often used as the playground of the pro riders be it lactate testing or simply gauging their current fitness. The climb is a consistent climb which makes it such a good climb to train on. Not too steep or long… oh did I mention the beautiful views as you ride up out of the tree lined lower section; This is always on every week’s ride itinerary be it a chilling or a challenging week. You have to ride this climb!

Sa Crueta 6km climb 3.5%

From the charming village of Tarbena This is a gentle climb and is mostly we like to think of it as a bonus climb to be ticked off when you do the Coll De Rates. The climb is rolling apart form the final 200m where it really kicks up to 13%… just to keep you honest! The rolling descent aside from 3 sharp hairpins makes for a wonderful ride down to Castell de Castells.

Bernia   9km climb with an average gradient of 4.6%

A firm favourite of Mrs Retreats and don’t be fooled by the average gradient, there is a flat 2km section within the middle of the climb which skews how challenging this climb can be.  One of the quietest climbs in the area and often you won’t see a vehicle on it. In the afternoons this can get hot as there is little shade on the climb. A beautiful climb from the wonderful town of Jalon. Want to challenge yourself a little more then why not try it from the Benissa side in a clockwise direction. The climb is around 15km but the last 2 kms are fairly steep and into double digits!

Mongo 3.5km climb with an average gradient 4.8%

A lovely costal climb out of the Port town of Denia. The climb is quite narrow and as a result can be quite busy as it is a main artery road over from Xabia. None the less it is a lovely winding climb up with some wonderful views of Denia and the ocean. On clear days you can see Ibiza on the horizon.

Cumbre Del Sol 3.8km with an average gradient of 9.2%

Famed for being the mountain top finish of the Vuelta de Espana 2015 where Tom Dumoulin finally clinched the win after some spectacular action on the climb. The climb starts as you turn off from the coastal village of Moraira. You are immediately faced with 500m of circa 19% gradient, this drops to average about 13% of the first kilometer. From their it doesn’t get much easier and really is a true test of your metal. The views from the summit are nothing short of spectacular, that said the climb is a man-made climb up through an urbanization of villas and driveways.  For toughness this is an incredible climb, for beauty. not so much. 

Misserats Climb 6.8km with an average gradient of 9.9% 

We nick name this the Miserable climb 😊Famed for being one of the toughest climbs in the Marina Alta region this really is one not for the fait hearted. There are more leg friendly ways to summit this climb but from Adsubia or Pego it really will test the metal of the most hardened cyclist.

There are still many more bumps and lumps to tell you about or small inclines, gentle rises and undulations as lovingly referred to by Mr Retreats, so now you wont get caught out when he tells you it is just a “gentle pull” One thing that is for sure is they are all worth the view from the top 🙂