Members Zone

Welcome To Our Members Zone.

Joining the Cycle Retreats family is more than just a holiday for cyclists, you become part of a community that has lots of benefits and a community of cyclists that have one thing in common, the joy of spending time on two wheels and sharing the camaraderie of it.

If you have just returned from your first holiday then welcome to the Member Zone Remember the benefits just get better the more time you spend with Cycle Retreats! So let’s look at all the benefits you can access now you are part of the Cycle Retreats Family! 

The Cycle Retreats App

We first built the CR app during the pandemic to keep the community connected and it has since grown into a one stop shop for all cycling related topics. You can meet the community of professionals who support the CR family, have access to loads of great off bike support from our Pilates, strength and conditioning and yoga coaches, loads of videos from Mr Retreats on bike maintenance, great recipe ideas from Mrs R, blogs and offers. It really is your cycling buddy on your phone! 

The Private Facebook Group

After your first holiday with us you will be invited to join our private Facebook group. Mark and Zoe really value this group as you get to help form the future of Cycle Retreats, we will ask you about locations and your thoughts on areas to next time a Retreat. Review kit with us and most importantly get access to the holidays before they go on general sale. It is also a community to support each other, and we ever try to meet up at a UK event. Every winter we even run a 6 weeks winter training program through this group our members have seen great improvements over the winter this is offered complementary to all who have visited Cycle Retreats

Discounts off REDCHILLI Bikes

During your stay you may have been fortunate enough to ride our wonderful fleet of RedChilli bikes and maybe you think its time to treat yourself to a new steed. Well now you are member of the Cycle Retreats community you can gain 10% discount of a frame set with Red Chillie. All you have to do is email

REDCHILLI Bikes | British Brand | Redchilli Carbon Road Bikes copying in with your name confirming you have been on a Cycle Retreats Holiday, we will confirm and then you can access this exclusive offer to CR members. 

Cycle Retreats Loyalty Scheme.

It doesn’t end there! Below you can find the benefits structure for returning guests and as we know you all love a bit of kit, there is lots of options to gain some fabulous exclusive kit that we know you will love!

 What level of CR rider are you?  

Cat 1 riders

Riders with under 5 holidays and after their first trip to Cycle Retreats will be known as Cat 1 riders and will benefit from the following: 

Pro Riders

The next level of benefits are guests who have taken 5 holidays and up to 9 holidays will be known as Pro Riders and will benefit from the following: 

Grand Cycle Retreats Riders (GC Riders)

The next level of guest are people who have taken 10 holidays and up to 19 holidays and will become known as Grand Client Riders (GC riders for short). GC Riders will benefit from the following:

Podium Riders

The last level riders can aim for are Podium Riders. Podium riders will have taken 20 holidays with Cycle Retreats. Podium Riders will benefit from the following:  

Terms & Conditions: