Cycle Retreats and 2025

Cycle Retreats and 2025

In preparation for 2025 we thought it would be a good idea to give you some insight into what some of the new tours and Retreats are about and start to get a feel for how the Cycle Retreats years will roll moving forward. Now it doesn’t seem that long ago when we only thought we would be in Jalon for a few months of the year and thought 4 was a good number! How things have changed and although we keep our group sizes small now by choice our average number is 9. We will always aim to keep groups small and no more than 8 to a guide but we certainly have stretched out across Europe and spent as much time in Jalon as we do in other locations, so what does 2025 hold?

Ladies coached weekenders will again be in February and November. These are super popular and the first to sell out. They are great opportunities for groups of ladies to come together and have specific focused training for them. We have grown so much in female specific training and now teamed with a clinical expert we are launching our first ever Cycling through the menopause Retreat. Like our other ladies only holidays, this will be a weekend packed with advice, both medical and holistic on menopause, training through it, nutrition, mindset and much much more. This will be an opportunity for pre- and post-menopausal ladies to gain some valuable knowledge from us and experts in the field to assist in navigating this time of life.

Focusing some more on training we have our Tri Retreat coming back in 2025. This is a coached weekend in all things to do Tri and is suitable for all levels of athletes, held at the purpose built Syncrosfera with a 25 meter all weather pool and everything we need on hand. Mr Retreats and his coaching team can work closely with you to support your 2025 goals.

Following on with the weekend holidays we have two new months’ appearing on the Cycle Retreats 2025 calendar with a January Weekend Retreat and a December Christmas special Retreat. Both are aimed at people wanting to escape for a quick bit of cycling respite, with January being after the 6-week winter coached course and December being about a little bit of indulgent Christmas spirit.

Then it is time to see what full weeks we have on offer for you early in 2025. Andalucía Retreat has become a firm favorite of so many people and as it is Mrs Retreats favorite it will of course be back early March so we can soak up the deep blue skies on offer in the beautiful Rhonda valley. Then it is back to flagship Jalon Retreat for two weeks of Spring cycling middle of March to early April. In May we stay in Jalon for a week of hot weather at a Jalon Retreat and then followed by The Ultimate Retreat, with sailing on rest days, wine tours and guest chefs plus nights of entertainment. It really is a week of everything that Cycle Retreats can offer to spoil you.

June sees us take off to France where again team France will be hosting the Provence Retreat and all the wine you can enjoy while tackling the mighty Ventoux, but if a challenge is for you then don’t forget The French Alps Tour, where you ride the epic climbs often featured on the Tour de France. Joining us in June is going to be our longest tour of 2025 and it is the journey from North to South in our Great French Adventure Tour. This will be done over 14 days so civilized yet still a challenge and allows us to put our Cycle Retreats spin on it.

September has become a busy old time and the return of Girona which has now become the second most booked area for Cycle Retreats Guests, and we return for another two great Girona Retreats with all the bells and whistles just like Jalon, Provence and Andalucía, but now in 2025 you have a choice to make! While the well-established Girona Retreats are busy, we also have the new country on the block offering some interesting holidays and tours down in Portugal. With the super popular Portugal Wine and Wheels tour, which is a great one for riders of all abilities, staying in some stunning hidden places and enjoying one of Europe’s best wine regions. Then the N2 Tour, covering the full distance of the longest road in Europe, fully supported of course by the CR team.

Still keeping with the theme of Tours we have the truly remarkable Tour of Valencia which made its debut in 2023 and exceeded expectations from both guests and team members. Now with even more Cycle Retreats special bits added it really is one to have on the agenda for 2025.

October has become the most booked month for cycling in recent years so of course we have 2 great weeks back at Jalon Retreat for you to choose from and then to end the final full retreat of the year in November for some sunny cycling!

It is busy and action packed, and we hope you are as excited as we are for the return of the tried and tested loved areas and the ones offering some new locations to discover with us.

As always Group Retreats can run on any date as long as 10 or more people book them, and we can provide bespoke location, accommodation, board, and guide type to suit your needs. We have many running now and a wealth of experience in facilitating your group’s holiday.

We have come a long way since the first holidays, but we seriously couldn’t have done it without you, we are always looking for tours and Retreats on where you are keen to go so keep the ideas coming, all the above started with a suggestion or idea from a guest or team member, maybe we can create your perfect holiday on two wheels just plant the seed 😊