Best European Getaway!

Best European Getaway!

We have been awarded the winners of Best of European Getaway!

Wow here it is the write up on Cycle Retreats for winning SME Business Award for Best of European Getaway, to say we are super pleased is an understatement and our website will be wearing this award with a lot of pride! Read below the write up on why Cycle Retreats won this prestigious award.

Cycling is easily one of the most refreshing excursions available to the everyday person. Whether you’re an avid cyclist, or someone who enjoys the occasional ride around your local area, it’s an activity that encourages a perfect blend of exercise and rejuvenation. As such, it comes as no surprise to learn that there’s a growing outcry for more engaging, active retreats. Enter Cycle Retreats, a luxury cycling company that brings a high-end, chalet-like experience to some of Europe’s most breathtaking locations. Join us as we explore what Cycle Retreats has to offer to cyclists of every skill level.

Cycle Retreats is a cycling company that has truly redefined the wider understanding of an active retreat. Offering a completely new type of experience – one that doesn’t discriminate against level of skill whatsoever – the business has found itself serving a myriad of individuals from all over Europe. Be it a male, female solo cyclists, groups or couples, Cycle Retreats promises to provide a comprehensive package that won’t just help them unwind but will encourage them on their cycling journeys. There packages include airport transfers, in-house catering, kit washing, guided rides tailored to different skill level’s plus much more, and an insight into some of Europe’s hidden gems and well-known epic cycling areas. Though Cycle Retreats provides holidays across Europe, its specialty lies in finding the areas that are often relatively untouched by the hustle and bustle found in busier destinations. Operating in the hopes of ushering in a sense of total rejuvenation, the company believes that, in exploring its hand-picked locations, it’ll be able to share the continent’s beauty with its guests. However, if the avid cyclists are seeking a challenge, Cycle Retreats also offers experiences that take place on some of Europe’s most iconic climbs, such as the French Alps, but done in their unique and supportive way. With every holiday fully supported with various vehicles, luggage transfers, qualified guides, and feeding stations, guests won’t need to lift a finger in order to enjoy themselves.

Truly, Cycle Retreats embodies the very notion of taking care of each small detail. It caters to the unique needs of each individual and will even take the time to provide a unique likes and dislikes sheet in order to prepare the perfect meal after a long day of cycling. And yet, if a relaxing massage is more your style, Cycle Retreats is more than happy to provide. After all, it closely adheres to a resounding motto that has driven the company forward since its inception – #cyclingdoneyourway. Whether guests are wanting to spend a few days under Cycle Retreats’ care or are hoping to embark on a fortnight-long venture to meet likeminded people, its eager team of experts is always on-hand to bring your perfect cycling getaway to life. Situated in retreats that are often four stars or above, Cycle Retreats’ holidays, whilst predominantly centred around the bikes, really bring various other elements to the forefront of importance. This most notably extends to its incredible team of caterers, each ready to deliver the ideal meal to round off the day. Cycle Retreats prides itself on its ability to help people remove themselves from reality and truly connect with their inner cyclist again, and the result is a European getaway opportunity that promotes both physical and mental wellbeing at every angle. Focusing on every part of the holiday is Cycle Retreats’ specialty, and it’s abundantly clear to see through the ways it runs its hotels, tours, and internal processes.

Cycle Retreats thrives in identifying the most effective means of relieving stress, and it has identified that cycling is the one active medium that can unite every type of person, no matter how adept they may be at the sport. Whether someone is a cycling fanatic who is determined to commit their holiday to besting some of the toughest climbs, or someone simply ready to enjoy the gorgeous European countryside, Cycle Retreats is well prepared to leave them with a memorable experience that’ll leave them desperate for more.

It is easy to see why Cycle Retreats won the award for Best European getaway, after all 87% of their guests return year after year to experience this award winning holiday in an environment which feels more like a family with every returning visit.