The unique Cycle Retreats

The unique Cycle Retreats

Read all about what makes Cycle Retreats so very unique.

Probable the best cycling holiday in the world

It is a bold statement, but is it based on many years of being involved day after day in perfecting cycling holidays that are so much more. We eat, sleep and breath it and our core team do also. From Karen manning the UK office, making sure everyone has everything they need for a perfect stay, to Diana putting finishing touches to every single dish, creating authentic menus that suit different dietary requirements, likes and dislikes.  Diana works exclusively for Cycle Retreats, and she knows our guests’ favorites. Coops is busy route planning huge events and supporting with training, plus the weeks are extra special when he is out guiding with us in one of the many growing locations. Yes, the team is growing, and we haven’t even mentioned the new guides, new hospitality managers that like Zoe and Mark will be living the brand also.  Every single rider arrives at Retreats, and we already know that maybe they like a special tea in the morning, or a retuning guest loves to do a certain route and there is that one café they like to visit the most. That another guest prefers a certain saddle and not too much of an aggressive riding position, maybe it is knowing who likes the cooler rooms and who doesn’t like to much chocolate in their desserts (yes, these people exist 😊) but whatever it is Cycle Retreats have it covered.

#Cyclingdoneyourway, as long been our strap line, but what does it mean? It means we give people the ability to be able to enjoy cycling in whatever way that is for them. If that means you need some coaching, well we have one of them on hand, qualified coach who has long since perfected helping people find their confidence, or if you want to push the pace and are aiming for PB’s we can manage that too with our strong guiding team.  The unique guiding approach of Cycle Retreats means our guides aren’t cycling GPX files, but a qualified first aider who has been trained our way to ensure all guests have the best day out on two wheels.  On the bike nutrition is provided with our high-end energy products all complementary and a bottle to put them in, plus complementary exclusive jerseys and of course that all important bike from the Cycle Retreats Fleet that is prepared to fit you from a qualified Cytech bike mechanic. Pedals are fitted for you and included all you need to do is turn them.

Off the bike is just as important at Cycle Retreats from the minute you arrive at the airport, our transport support is involved in your collection and already knows who you are, can’t make the time then we will arrange our Cycle Retreats driver to collect you. Cycle Retreats Jalon has long been the flagship of all our European destinations, and we again have our own exclusive Retreat for autumn 2023. Putting our team back in charge of everything you need, who knows we might even see Mark making the porridge again 😊. Breakfasts are all about the important fuelling, from bircher, to fritters and pancakes, fresh fruit, and cooked items, don’t forget the power shots!  The hospitality team will ensure all is ready for your return, getting your kit washed and retuned to your room. Making sure the fire on in the colder months to the beers in the fridge for round the pool relaxing in the warmer ones and I don’t think we even need to mention Diana’s now legendary feasts at night, or the overflowing complementary fridge, coffee/tea/drinks soft or alcoholic whenever you want, or grab an ice cream, if you wander into the kitchen you might be lucky enough to be on tasting duty for the evening delights, this really is a cycling family at its finest.

The bits you don’t see, this takes up as much of our care as all the fabulous parts you get to enjoy. We have made sure that Cycle Retreats has everything covered and we don’t just means perfect cycling. Fully insured and qualified to European and UK requirements, we hope you don’t need to test it, but it is a massive part of running a cycling business. legally allowed to operate through Europe. A support car for any guest needing collecting during a day, unfortunately this one has been tested. We even know where mobile signal black spots are and have you ever spent the day sat riding into a headwind? We even change routes daily to suit conditions, you have all seen Mr Retreats pacing when the weather isn’t as clear. Talking about the weather, nothing spoils a holiday like rain, but we have a massive backup plan for this. Rain isn’t a huge issue in Jalon, but should you be unlucky to have a wet day whilst with us, we will ensure alternative activities are put on for you, some of these have been so popular people ask to do them when returning.  

There is so much time given to the high level stuff of Cycle Retreats, such as the –

· Bike included.

· Breakfast

· 3 course evening meal

·  Full drinks and snacks package

· On bike fuel

· Guides

· Transfers

· On bike nutrition

· Kit washing

· Afternoon tea

· Jerseys and other gifts

But it isn’t all the above that makes it the most unique cycling holiday, its all the parts you experience when it is put together from a team of people who just love what they do and only those who have experienced it can truly apricate it, and if you haven’t already we hope you to come and experience a cycling holiday with us soon